McCracken County Middle Schools provide unmatched opportunities for students to explore their interests and prepare for the next step- McCracken County High School.




McCracken County Middle Schools

High Academic Performance

Students in MCPS Middle Schools lead the way in achievement at the local, state and national level

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Opportunities in Advanced Math

Students can earn up to two high school math credits before they enroll at MCHS.  Qualifying students get a jump start on high school credits by enrolling in Algebra I and Honors Geometry

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Engineering (STEM)

Students take courses designed to expose them to hands on experiences in science, technology, engineering, math and biomedical sciences.  Project Lead the Way is offered in elementary, middle and high schools. McCracken County is one of three districts in Kentucky that offers PLTW at all three levels.

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Foreign Language

Students are afforded the opportunity to earn two high school credits in Spanish.  Introductory foreign language courses are also available to students.

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Fine Arts

Students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of fine arts courses including Drama, Dance, Choral Music, Band, Orchestra, Visual Arts, Speech and Debate.  This provides students with a foundation in the Visual and Performing Arts preparing them for courses at MCHS.

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