Welcome To 6th grade Social Studies!


                  My Days with Mrs. Mayes

         Mrs. Mayes, Mrs. Mayes, she’s such a star, in her class I go so far.

                  She is so cool in every way,  Every time I see her it makes my day.

                 When she gives me a strike, she’s glad, but I honestly am kind of sad.

     I thought she liked me more than that, but she’s hiding her feelings under her hat.

                    This year will be such a joy if you don’t treat me like a chew toy.

                   If I would have had more time I could have busted more rhymes,

    But I can’t, so I’m here to say, I hoped you liked this poem,  Oh and enjoy your day!


                                                                                      Author: Former 8th Grade Student


                                Important Dates at HMS

September 2                                     No School - Labor Day

September 14                                      Homecoming Dance




Believe you can and you’re half way there.

Theodore Roosevelt