Mrs. Wolfe’s First Grade Class
What’s your superpower?

Welcome to First Grade!  I am so excited to have YOU in my class! We are going
to have a FANTASTIC
year full of LEARNING and FUN!

Landon A., Kara, Audrey, Blake, Eden, Aaron, Miley, Kristana, Cherokee, Annsley, Gabe, Noah, TJ, Marshall, Olivia, Naveah, Isabelle, Jordan, Hayden, Kate, Evan, Langston, Landon W, Ashley, Elizabeth

4.	Blake B.
5.	Eden B.
6.	Aaron B.
7.	Miley C.
8.	Kristana F.
9.	Cherokee F.
10.	Annsley H.
11.	Gabe H.
12.	Noah L.
13.	TJ M.
14.	Marshall N.
15.	Olivia N.
16.	Navaeh R.
17.	Isabelle R.
18.	Jordan S.
19.	Hayden T.
20.	Kate W.
21.	Evan W.
22.	Langston W.
23.	Landon W.
24.	Ashley W.